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Week 15

We are getting down to cruch time for the end of the semester.  I’ve been working with a functional website for the last week and working through issues of using CSS in Dreamweaver to design the whole page.  I’m quite fortunate to have taken an XHTML class along with this one because its given me some great chops to go through DW’s and figure out what’s going on.  Having said that here’s and xhtml website I created which is a simplified version of what I’m going to use for my final project.


This week in class we continued with looking at our website in the group project.  We critiqued each other critiques and are making wireframe outlines for what a new site should look like.  In reading and other homework we looked at how to incorporate flash videos into a website, which is quite applicable for me, and adding user interactivity.  I’m hoping by sunday I have a great working website that I can start going through with a fine toothed comb later on next week.


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