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Week 2

So in this installment of CAT 274 we worked heavily with learning FTP, Function Transfer Protocol.  This is essentially how we upload websites to a server which then allows them to be published on the World Wide Web.  Of course in order to do this we needed to create a few websites to work with.

Starting off we create site using notepad ++ xHtml and then we did the same thing using Dreamweaver.   Below are links to the two pages I created Page1 was created with notepad++ and the second with Dreamweaver.



As you noticed we are learning to  create relative and absolute links.  An abosolute link is hyperlinking to an outside source like another web page.  A relative link is hyperlinking within your own source pages, so only using the pages I create.  Fun stuff!

Below I’m posting some links to Dreamweaver tutorials on AdobeTV and the like:







I posted these mainly for future reference.  But, please Enjoy!


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Week 1

So for week  1’s reading and assignments we were introduced to basic definitions of what the internet, world wide web, web server’s etc…are.  This should be pretty common knowlege but, apparently there are many distinctions.  One of the best points of interest were the World Wide Web Consortium.  They essentially control the World Wide Web.  It’s a non-profit and is on-top of the new emergent technologies, scripts and so on that control all the interfaces we use.  They can be found at http://www.w3.org.  Check it out.

Some other points of interest were webservers and subscriptions people can buy to upload web pages too.  A few of the best websites are http://www.e-wisdom.com and http://www.mybestratedwebhosting.com

These are very useful!

Lastly we learned of the 8 commandments to naming files in xHtml and Dreamweaver.  It reminds me much of naming files for programing in JAVA.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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